FDA NDC 72513-100

microSURE™ 8-Hour Defense™ kills germs on contact and leaves an invisible “breathable” barrier that stays working and locked in place for 8 hours or more*. Experience heightened protection before and after exposure. microSURE™ 8-Hour Defense™ hand sanitizer was specifically developed to help eradicate the symptoms of germs, pathogens and harmful microorganisms to come. Never sacrifice safety for product performance again.

  • Up to 99.99% effective against most germs
  • Alcohol free – No harsh chemicals & fumes
  • Gentle on people and pets
  • No skin cracking, drying or burning
  • FDA registered and available OTC
  • Nano technology crystalline structures
  • Doesn’t wash off
  • 5 year shelf life

* skin cells may be shed prior to 8 hours naturally or by abrasion. reapply as needed.

Invisible barrier that protects you all day

Micro barrier of crystal killing spikes

Package Sizes


1 Gallon Jug

1 Liter Disposable Bag

1,250 uses per bag
7,500 uses per case

1 Liter Pump Bottle

500 ml Pump Bottle

2 oz Spray Bottle