Minibar Systems Worldwide is a Rockville, Maryland based company with over 50 years of experience providing In-Room amenities to the global hospitality industry. Our product lines include fully Automated Minibars (SmartCube), Manual Minibars (Primo), Guestroom Safes (SmartBox), Fridges (SmartFridge), Sanitizers and Disinfectants (SmartHands) and a full range of support services. Minibar Systems is pleased to be the exclusive distributor of microSURE™ product solutions to the hospitality, travel industries and other markets.

We are also involved in the medical industry as the manufacturer of the MinibarRx automated vaccine dispensing machine (minibarrx.com) with our partner FFF Enterprises (fffenterprises.com), one of the nation’s leading suppliers of critical-care biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Strategia and Servismed are companies with a group of diverse medical industry professionals focused on bringing to market groundbreaking technologies to better protect us from harmful and hazardous microorganisms. Their mission is to become the most trusted provider of better protection products with superior functionality and value for all customers across the globe and the communities in which we live and work.