“These structures will disrupt the microbial organism, thus killing the cell and rendering it harmless.”

-Dr. Erwin Lo
Neurosurgeon and Founder

microSURE persistent nano-technology germ killing products go to war on >99.99% of harmful microorganisms [or pathogens] that make you sick or potentially cause disease. When microSURE is applied, a barrier of crystal killing spikes bonds to hands and surfaces creating a long lasting antimicrobial barrier that stays working and locked in place long after it is applied. This covalent bond becomes a barrier on the surface on which it is attached.

As germs come into contact with surfaces they are punctured by the killing spikes on contact and die. This results in a mechanical kill – allowing the surface of an object to destroy the cell walls. This is different than a chemical kill which uses toxic combinations of chemicals (alcohol, bleaches, acids) against biological threats such as bacteria and viruses that provide no long lasting protection.

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microSURE invisible barrier that protects you for 8 hours or more

Killing spikes are 30 times smaller than Coronavirus

Most harmful microorganisms are 10,000 x smaller than a grain of salt